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Keeping on…

Met on the streets and squats during the riot days of December, we find our starting points in historical, social, class, even temperamental causes and of course in the murder of Alexis from the cap Korkoneas.  A peak incident, a spark in the powder keg where social peace and consent reside, an acceleration factor of an unprecedented social explosion. An explosion which smashed in multiple levels the suffocating regularity of our life. The feast of December blew up the barren individuality, the insulated private. A collective, wild “WE” rushed in the streets to attack Democracy and its guardians, together with the imagination context it accompanies. Neither demanding nor requesting but self organizing its reality inside the occupied buildings. Placed a sharp criticism upon the soliloquy of commodity destroying and profanating its temples, redelivering the social wealth and paralyzing consummation in the city’s centre. Denied the ambitions of the conceited leftist mediators, leaving them murmuring sociological bullshit in the TV frames. Cancelled the spasmodic cries of the journalists making crystal clear that who he/she wants to understand what’s going on, has no other choice than getting out of home. Temporarily it demolished the spectacular and gender roles, since thousands of people managed to function as one body, through incidents where the importance was on the incident itself and not on the individual who provoked it.

From the other side, the state , the bosses and all this rabble whose interests are in line with stagnancy, did not remain spectators, from the moment they began to reorganize themselves. Reclaimed the return to normality, activating all they had in hand. From M.A.T. and para-govermentals to sociologists and sensitive artists. From the regimental advocates about extremists, gangs, under miners, Greek-enemies, until the peaceful citizen’s arrogation for their right to celebrate Christmas. From the hypocritical self criticism of the elders in front their children until the arrest of 265 rioters and the detention of 65.  Indeed, whatever they had in hand, in order to turn December into a “sullen parenthesis” in the end of which the extremists are punished and the drifted belectured.

Keeping on,

the insurrection of December is still inspiring the social reality in a decisive way. The situation conserves its polarizing and intensive character producing incidents from both the sides. Only in the framework of the contents that December offered can some facts be clearly understood. These include the attack with acid on the face of the syndicalist K.Kouneva, the mass killing attempt at the immigrants’ place, the reorganization of the military and juridical arsenal of the state, and the reactivation of the mere conservative social reflexives that is on process the last days.

At the same time, extended social bodies constantly produce ideas, activities and strategies with December, the obvious starting point. From metro stations, to bureaucratic, syndicalistic centres, from labour areas to hospitals’ offices, from parks and neighbourhoods to temples of the spectacle, the self organization undertakings are spreading, getting socialized and enriched, to become the means, the tools and the methods for reformulation of the every day routine, for attacking capitalistic relations and the democracy regime. They appear to be some of the essential constituents of a total radicalization process, which seem to have duration and depth.

Keeping on,

to the point we are products and productive components of the new social condition, we decided to squat the abandoned building in Patission 61 and Skaramagka, in order to realize on this place many of our desires and dreams, in order to turn it to a rushing point for the life we want. To turn it to an open, social place where collectively, fellowly, and in a self organization culture we’ll become a part of a wider conspiracy for the destruction of this world. Against every kind of hierarchy and authority. Against every political and commercial mediation. Against every spectacular role and gender separation. On this attempt, we’re looking for collaborators…






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